About the Office

Dr. Onnie and Tina welcome you to experience an environment of healing, learning and research.  Our office provides primary health care services, a nutrition center and an environmental medicine research facility.  Living in Northwestern Wisconsin,  it has become essential for our office to provide cutting-edge natural treatment and education for chronic infection and tick-borne diseases. We are dedicated in helping you understand your body, how it works, how it may not be functioning optimally, what the root cause of your symptoms may be and how that fits into your environment and lifestyle.  Our mission is to teach and provide you with the tools and knowledge to increase and optimize your well-being and your surroundings.

Dr. Onnie Thatcher is a Chiropractor, Certified Nutritionist and Applied Kinesiologist.  She is a practitioner of Mindfulness and she has also been trained in Chinese medicine, sports medicine and environmental medicine.  Her education started early, growing up in a wholistic chiropractic family (Father, Uncle and five cousins).  She graduated from Northwestern Health Science University in 1996.  Since then, her practice has grown mostly from word of mouth.  Dr. Onnie provides a very unique way of healing. Using natural hands on medicine, natural remedies, lifestyle education and environmental awareness, she individualizes health care for you.


Tina Ashton is the Clinic Director and Food & Lifestyle Consultant.  Her role is not only to run the office efficiently, but to also help the patient every step of the way.  Tina assists the Doctors and helps with patient education.  She has created guides, charts and tools to help you understand and embrace a healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Laryssa Erickson recently graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN after completing her undergraduate studies at North Dakota State University. Dr. Laryssa decided to become a chiropractor as a patient of Dr. Onnie’s.  Five years ago, she had health challenges of her own which made her seek out the care of Dr. Onnie. After the very first visit, Dr. Laryssa knew her path in life needed to change to chiropractic with a specialty in applied kinesiology. Over the course of the last five years, she has been shadowing with Dr. Onnie. In her last trimester of chiropractic school, Dr. Laryssa was also fortunate to intern for Dr. Onnie. Since being in the office full-time around mid-August 2016, she has worked with many of you and she is looking forward to meeting many more.



Lisa Mangelsen is the Office Assistant.  She takes care of scheduling patients, refilling supplements and other office duties.


Wholistic Family Healthcare is located just north of Luck, WI next to Cafe Wren.  Office visits are by appointment only.  For fee schedule and inquiries, please call or email the office.