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This page is dedicated to patients who wish to share their success stories.  If you would like to share your journey of how Dr. Onnie’s specialized care has affected your life, please send an email to  To protect your privacy, we will not use your full name.  If you wish, you may choose to remain anonymous.


I just wanted to pass on how excited I am . Kasey has been doing well with his feet taped. We showed him the video so he would understand how important it is to tape. Last night Kasey and I took the dogs for a walk 1.5 miles and he walked the whole way without me having to remind him to walk on his feet not his toes. This is the first time in his life. He was very proud of himself. He said” Dad I walked on my feet without being told.”  Thank you, wow the feeling that my wife and I had last night is unexplainable. ~ JB



“Pre-Onnie” I never imagined I would love to run at all-everything hurt and I was always so tired-and certainly never thought I’d be capable of running a half marathon! I can’t even begin to thank you for getting me to this point of my health where this dream was attainable!! It’s absolutely amazing and I am so incredibly grateful to both of you for all the help and support!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  ~ Kristin


Dr. Onnie changed my life. She switched me to gluten & dairy free foods to improve my digestion. She introduced EFT, providing a way for me to face my childhood sexual abuse. She helped me get passed the emotions that drove me to overeat (among other things). I feel alive again. I’ve also lost 64 pounds (and counting) using the NutriHCG program and I feel great. I’m healthy, happy and free.

Thank you, Dr. Onnie!



Just wanted to give you and Dr. Onnie a quick update on Abe.  You know when you have experienced powerful healing when a breakthrough happens 2 hours after contact.  Abe had a complete system blowout on our way home .  In the spirit of not being too gross, he had poop all the way up his back and into his hair after he saw Dr. Onnie.  He complained about the worst stomach ache ever when we hit the road back to the cities (not so unusual).  But, he said his tummy tickled and he felt his energy coming out of his head and his hands.  After the explosion and many wipes he had this unbelievable calm.  I can’t tell you I have ever seen this calm on my sons face or in his body.  I know we still have a lot of work to do, and I am prepared to do it knowing that our collective quality of life is only going to get better.  I look forward to reporting more of these stories and spreading the word as to how Dr. Onnie is helping us be healthier and more mindful through good nutrition and self care.



It’s hard to imagine this now, given how my health has changed these past several years, but the first few times I saw Onnie, I was a skeptic. I was also desperate. I had spent the previous few years bouncing from doctor to doctor, specialists, specialized clinics, and nothing was helping. In fact, my health seemed to just be getting worse. I had extreme pelvic pain and extreme exhaustion. A bone tired and brain fog that made working, making small talk, reading a book feel like mountain climbing. My periods were irregular. I had regular ultrasounds to check on the cysts on my ovaries. They told me my ovaries looked like chocolate chip cookies – cysts everywhere. Doctors kept putting me on birth control to manage the symptoms. Some put me on other medication just to see if it would do anything. Like spitballing. But the pills just made me feel worse. Menopausal. Gave me hot flashes, made me bloated. Didn’t fix the pain. And, since I was hoping to have children someday, just made that seem even more impossible. The doctors weren’t helping either. One just kept swapping me from one birth control pill to another. One said I’d never have kids. One shrugged his shoulders, exasperated because he didn’t know what was wrong. Many of them diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Some diagnosed me with additional disorders. Under their direction, nothing ever improved.

I was about to give up and just accept that life, embrace that it was just normal to be in pain and tired and feel awful all the time. But, a friend recommended I see Onnie, and it seemed since nothing else was working, it couldn’t make things any worse.

Onnie’s approach is quite different from what I was used to. It took some time for me to understand the method, the system of her practice and the ideas guiding it. One thing that was striking, however, and noticeably absent from my previous doctor visits, was how much listening was a part of the process. Onnie wasn’t giving me pills to make the symptoms go away, or reaching for a diagnosis or, like the doctor who shrugged his shoulders, just giving up. She was trying to figure out what was causing the symptoms and fix that.

Onnie said it wasn’t my ovaries that were the problem. It was my adrenals. And because my body was so busy trying to keep up with the demands I was putting on it, it wasn’t able to produce all the hormones it needed.  She didn’t diagnose me with PCOS – she said my body needed some help at that moment, but bodies change, and if I gave my body what it needed, it’s likely those needs would change over time. What my body needed was DHEA.  A lot of it. 8 pills a day. I read up on it, and what Onnie was suggesting I take was more than people usually were prescribed with. And the side effects were unsettling – facial hair, hair loss, acne, high blood pressure and other things. I remember feeling scared about starting this treatment. But, Onnie assured me that side effects are what happen when your body doesn’t need the medication you’re taking, and I wouldn’t experience the side effects I was reading about.  I struggled with the decision for a while and decided to take a chance.

Onnie was right. I had no side effects. This was the beginning of the healing process for my body, and a new way of living. My cysts went away, my periods became more regular, my exhaustion subsided. My treatment evolved, and I did lots of new things – went on detox diets, took flower remedies, stopped drinking coffee … things that felt like major lifestyle changes that were hard to adjust to at first. But, I kept in mind that it was important to listen to what my body needed and that if I had to make big changes, it didn’t mean those changes would be forever.  Every time I followed Onnie’s treatment, I came closer to health.

I now have a son. A beautiful, healthy boy a year and a half old. I got pregnant without fertility drugs or procedures.  The path I was on before I saw Onnie was one long road of birth control pills, fertility support, and at times debilitating pain and exhaustion I couldn’t shake. I might not have gotten pregnant, and I likely would have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying.

Instead, I have a greater understanding of how the choices I make, the way I process stress and manage my life and the things I eat have an effect on my health. When symptoms arise, I have a health care provider who can get to the bottom of it and put me on the path to health. While we continue to see Western doctors and have a balanced approach to health care, Onnie is my family’s main health care provider. She’s been able to help my husband’s neck and back pain by connecting it to his jaw clenching in his sleep.  After my son had a string of ear infections and recommendations from our Western doctor to consider ear tubes, Onnie helped find out why he was getting so many ear infections in the first place and helped strengthen his immune system so he wouldn’t get them anymore. Under Onnie’s care, my son’s ear infections cleared up and he didn’t have to get ear tubes.

I can’t find words full enough to express how grateful I am for Onnie and the quality of health care my family and I have through her.

~Submitted by Larissa
I’m not very good at writing but, I feel so strongly about sharing my story and hope that it will help someone else. Back in Feb 2010, I was talking to a friend and she was sharing with me about how much Dr. Onnie was helping her son.  I don’t want to share their story, but from that conversion I thought maybe Dr. Onnie could help me.

I had been struggling with stomach problems for at least 15 years. I had lots of problems with cramping, diarrhea and constipation. I was always tired, never slept well, no energy and a lot of aches and pains. My regular doctor diagnosed me with IBS and depression, so I thought that I would have to live with it the rest of my life.

I finally had had enough, so I made a call to Dr. Onnie and it was amazing. She spent over an hour with me at my first visit. We talked about a lot of things.  She used a diagnostic tool called Applied Kinesiology. It’s amazing what she can tell you about your body.

That day was the beginning of my new journey. Dr. Onnie informed me that I was gluten intolerant and that I should stay away from it. She also found that my immune system was being attacked by a tick-borne disease, so she gave me a natural herbal tincture to help with that. She helped me understand that our bodies are full of toxins and that we need to detox to get them out. I wasn’t sure how to do all of that, but she helped me every step of the way. When I left her office that day, I was overwhelmed.  I had nothing to lose, so I did everything she told me to do.

When I got home that day, I told my husband about it and told him that I was going to change my diet to gluten free. His only response was “I’m not going to change mine”. I just asked him to please support me and when we are home we will be eating differently. He agreed to that. I went to my pantry and started pulling things off the shelves. It was almost bare by the time I finished. Gluten intolerance means more than cutting out bread; many processed foods, from marinades to soups to processed lunch meats, have small amounts of flour in them. Oats are often cross-contaminated with wheat or other grains because they’re grown and processed together. Eating in restaurants can be tricky, but I’m learning. The amazing thing is that we both started feeling better within a week. Now my husband and I are very conscious of what we are putting in our mouths. My stomach problems are gone, I’m full of energy and feel amazing.

Through this life change I have learned so much. I’m aware of how my body is supposed to feel and I love it… I can honestly say, it’s been the best phone call I’ve ever made.

Thank you, Dr. Onnie. You’re the best.